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Equity Position Report Example

With the advent of big data in real estate, there are myriad options for homeowners that want to understand the value their property might bear in today's real estate market. Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) like the Zestimate are easy to access and instant in their analysis. The problem with AVMs is that they don't take the things that make YOUR home special into account: updates, landscaping, views, unique aspects to your property that a computer can't appreciate.

That's why our Equity Evaluation is so important! We give you a traditional Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), along with an accurate, line item estimate of exactly how much cash will go into your pocket if you sell your home today. In addition, we'll make a projection of what your home can sell for with certain smart money updates that may enhance its appeal to the broader market.

It's fast and easy to request. Just fill out the form below to get started! Our turnaround time is generally less than 24 hours, but we'll let you know if it's going to take longer.